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For Viewers

New era of viewing experience with insights, racing statistics and drivers’ profiling for increased fans’ engagement

For Drivers

Data dashboards with automatic analysis and comparisons for accelerated improvements

For Teams

Live data transmission including alarms and goals that make track time more efficient


Content Creation Tool

Videos synced with data to simplify your content production process

  • Automated ready to distribute content

  • Easily locate race highlights, overtakes, errors and more

  • Live AI directing tool for improved race coverage

  • Give your drivers and fans the ability to create and share content


Community Generator

Create a community around your brand and reach your customers directly

  • Implementing Gamification features 

  • Improved track experience with remote AI Instructor

  • Provide your drivers with Real-Time feedback

  • Allow them to share their experience


For Gamers

Merge the real and virtual worlds

  • Real-Time insights and race statistics

  • Debriefing tools with automated recommendations 

  • Gain access to global events’ database and relive the race 

  • Mixed-Reality Races - race against real drivers in real time

The Ramp Advantages
How does it work?

“Being able to bring these events in a dynamic way to viewers at a small fraction of the cost of traditional technologies is very exciting for us. We believe that affordable streaming from onboard cameras along with live car data and insights will really help audience engagement, and is something that will attract the attention of other motorsport series.”

Gil Zakay,

Technical Manager of the G1 Series

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