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One stop shop racing media platform. Collect, analyze and visualize racing data on the cloud


For Viewers

New era of viewing experience with insights, racing statistics and drivers’ profiling for increased fans’ engagement


For Drivers

Data dashboards with automatic analysis and comparisons for accelerated improvements

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For Teams

Live data transmission including alarms and goals that make track time more efficient

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Data Collection


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Data Manipulation


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Data Visualization


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"For the past few years, we are observing a fast and irreversible trend in the way viewers are consuming/watching sports media content - direct to consumer streaming, personalized and deeper engaging experience. However, in the motorsport industry, this trend is lagging behind. DTM, being one of the leading racing categories globally, must be at the forefront of viewing experience and value-added to fans, media and sponsors. For this reason, we focus on offering to our fans and followers around the world a differentiated racing experience. Our main objective is to ensure that DTM's racing DNA and heritage will remain present and relevant, and thus we are offering new, fresh, young, and engaging media content to our fans. Our partnership with Griiip enables us to implement RAMP’s (Racing Media Platform Solutions) in our series. Through RAMP’s innovative technologies, DTM will achieve our goals to better serve our fans, drivers, sponsors, and media partners. I believe more categories will follow this trend and generate more exciting and engaging media content in the motorsports industry."


Oliver Simon
Director TV and Production - DTM

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One stop shop racing media platform. Collect, analyze and visualize racing data on the cloud.