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Our online media platform will provide fans
the most comprehensive viewing experience

For the first time, drivers and fans will be connected on one platform that offers everyone live
video and data, prediction analysis, advanced insights, mixed reality races and much more!

A new way
to engage with

Giving users the control to watch whatever they want, however they want, wherever they are.

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The Griiip

At Griiip, we are harnessing the power of data to create the first smart connected racecar to deliver enhanced content to fans and drivers.

Turn your racecar into a smart connected racecar! “Redbox” - coming soon

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The G1 Series

The G1 Series is our platform to change the way racing series will run throughout the world. We are revolutionizing racing by providing data to fans and drivers.
- Fans are given content that creates an exciting and engaging viewing experience
- Drivers are given the data they need to improve and grow

Meet the G1

When passion and technology meets. The G1 is our innovative and beautifully engineered race car, designed according to the premier bike engine single seater category in the world – Formula 1000, bringing new features and superior performance to the already established racing series.

Virtual Series

In parallel to the “real” G1 Series, drivers can compete online in the Virtual G1 Series.
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