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Griiip introduces new open-wheel race series


Israeli manufacturer of open-wheel race cars Griiip will be presenting its G1 one-make race series to Goodwood Festival of Speed (FoS) visitors using live-streaming, real-time data and simulators. Apart from providing a low-cost entry into racing, Griiip wants to harness technology to improve the experience for drivers and spectators.

Griiip will be live-streaming footage of a G1 race on the Circuito Tazio Nuvolari in Northern Italy on Sunday, July 15, at the FoS Future lab. It is using car and driver data to attract new audiences to motorsport by offering viewers, drivers and simulator gamers a novel, connected experience.

The connected simulator at FoS will give the audience a chance to try out the G1 in a virtual environment. At the FoS Future Lab, visitors will be able to compete in the real race against real drivers using the simulator and data recorded from the G1 Series races.

In collaboration with LiveU, a video streaming company, the series allows viewers into the cars to experience the race by choosing which driver to follow. During the other days of the Festival, Griiip will run its broadcasting platform in an ‘offline’ mode to showcase the way viewers can decide who to watch.

V2V systems, developed in partnership with Autotalks, puts the cars in constant contact, allowing direct warnings to drivers. When a car senses it’s in a dangerous situation – for example, when it is stopped on track during a race – it sends a warning signal to other cars, so that their drivers are alerted.

Tracey Greaves, Goodwood chief commercial officer, said, “Griiip is bringing smart, affordable tech to the motorsport space and we are thrilled to have such innovations as part of this year’s FoS Future lab.

“Future Lab is all about bringing new and exciting technology to the public and Griiip is doing just that with the real-world simulator and audience-controlled live streaming. The people are in the driving seat and get to feel the racing action firsthand.”


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