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Griiip strikes a multi-year contract with the world-class DTM racing championship


Providing an enriched viewing experience through innovative motorsport technologies

The new race graphics will be driven by RAMP, Griiip’s racing media platform, for better understanding of the race stories and action.

Griiip are delighted to announce a multi-year contract with DTM, the most prestigious touring car racing championship in the world. Top racing drivers, teams and car manufacturers from around the world will compete on some of the most iconic race tracks in Europe, empowered by Griiip’s advanced motorsport solutions.

In the upcoming season, DTM will enjoy Griiip’s innovative media platform, RAMP - a racing media platform designed for the Motorsport series, which collects, analyzes and visualizes data in real-time utilizing advanced cloud analytic capabilities.

With RAMP, DTM intends to bring the race actions and stories directly to the fans in real-time, by using multiple deep data insights and graphics that simplify the way viewers interact with racing. Alongside the race graphics, Griiip will implement a data warehouse structure to upgrade DTM’s media capabilities.

The new concept of gathering data to a central location will help DTM become the first major championship to monetize on its data-based activities.

Tamir Plachinsky, Griiip CEO: “We are very excited to work with one of the top racing series in the world and have an opportunity to develop an all-new data-centric structure, creating a new viewing experience for the DTM fans.”


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