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Griiip - Unique data capabilities in motorsports, nominated for prestigious SportsPro OTT Awards


Griiip are honored to be nominated for the prestigious SportsPro OTT Awards for 2022, shortlisted for the ‘Best Start-Up Tech Company’, recognizing the revolutionary contribution Griiip is bringing upon the motorsports industry as a whole.

Data and sports nowadays are inseparable. Athletes and teams use data to improve performance and many sports use data insights to immerse fans in the sports they love. However, there is an outlier in the world of major sport and how it embraces data, and it’s a curious one when you consider what is at its heart — Motorsport.

Motorsport uses data at the most basic level. Telemetry and data analyses are at the heart of all motorsport. Without it, motorsport would simply cease to exist. But, the integration of data into motorsport stops, in large part, on the teams’ internal circles. Motorsport fans and amateur drivers are missing out on the benefits data could bring them, ironically, in the most data-centric sport of them all.

Griiip, an Israeli startup focusing on motorsport data technologies, set out on a mission - to make motorsport data exciting and accessible to the entire motorsport ecosystem. Griiip created the first cloud-based data platform which collects, analyzes and visualizes data. Data from existing sensors within a racing vehicle (real or simulator) and additional data from various sources are transmitted in real-time to the platform. There, the data is analyzed and processed, with its output converted to a standardized and simple-to-understand language that can be distributed to multiple end applications. Griiip’s applications start from unique data-driven graphics and insights for TV broadcasting and phone apps, tools for professional and amateur drivers and teams to increase performance, and a community-based platform for an OEM’s customers.

Griiip’s platform and activities attracted the car manufacturers’ attention. Specifically, the German sports car giant, Porsche, invested in the company in 2021 based on the potential seen by its motorsport department to better engage with the next generation of fans.

Following Porsche’s strategic investment, Griiip closed a successful seed investment from Sharp Alpha Advisors and private investors active in the automotive, sports broadcasting and sports betting ecosystems. This allowed Griiip to dramatically enhance its portfolio of capabilities by developing live fantasy and betting tools for its partners. No longer will these be limited to race winners or finish positions, but for the first time there will be unique rankable in-lap events. Implementing it is affordable even for lower tiers, which do not have any fantasy league or betting possibilities today. Thus, Griiip is opening various opportunities for its partners to keep their users engaged.

Furthermore, Griiip has made its entry into esports and simulator racing with the acquisition of United Racing Data (URD) - a telemetry web service for simulator racing with thousands of active users. As part of the acquisition, Amir Meshulam, URD’s founder, Joined Griiip as its new Chief Of Technology. The platform would allow Griiip to introduce new features to simulator racing drivers and teams while also merging performance data analysis among the two types of racing (simulator racing and real racing), both from the professional development and fan-engagement aspects.

Griiip is constantly evaluating the most suitable racing series to cooperate with, and is currently in negotiations with tier 1 & 2 racing championships for embedding its applications in the upcoming seasons.

Griiip is now in the middle of a Round A investment round. If you’re looking to join the biggest change in the motorsport ecosystem, contact Tamir Plachinsky, Griiip’s founder and CEO.


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