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Engaging Fans in Real Time: How Griiip Enhanced the MotoAmerica Racing Experience



This case study outlines the successful collaboration between MotoAmerica, North America's premier motorcycle road racing series, and Griiip, a leading provider of SaaS products for next-gen motorsport experiences. By implementing Griiip’s innovative fan engagement platform - GriiipLive, MotoAmerica significantly enhanced the live event experience for its fans, leading to increased engagement and satisfaction.


MotoAmerica is a cornerstone of motorcycle racing in North America, known for its thrilling races and dedicated fan base. Griiip, developing an insights platform for motorsports fan engagement, partnered with MotoAmerica for the 2024 racing season to tackle existing challenges in fan engagement during live events.


MotoAmerica sought to enhance its fan experience by providing more interactive and informative live timing features. The existing system lacked capabilities such as real-time track map, rider comparisons, and interactive analysis and insights, limiting fan engagement and storytelling during events.


Griiip introduced a comprehensive fan-oriented live timing platform tailored to MotoAmerica’s needs. Key features included:

  • Events on Map: Understanding the race was never simpler! With this dynamic feature, fans gain access to instant insights on every heart-pounding battle and overtake, in real-time and on the screen;

  • Interactive Comparisons: allowing fans to compare riders head-to-head over lap times, ranking, and competitive overtakes;

  • Stats and insights: Learn rider's personas based on their performance - Consistency score, determine who is dominant in each part of the race track, and optimal lap times; 


Griiip worked closely with MotoAmerica to ensure seamless integration of the new system. The process involved:

  • Technical Integration: Ensuring compatibility with existing MotoAmerica timing systems and app - MotoAmerica Live Plus;

  • Staff Training: Training sessions for MotoAmerica staff on managing and utilizing the new platform;

  • Fan Education: Informing fans about the new features through targeted marketing activities;


Post-implementation, MotoAmerica has started to experience a measurable increase in fan engagement:

  • Increased Viewership: More fans logged on to use the live timing features;

  • Enhanced User Interaction: High participation using interactive features, increasing usage time;

  • Positive Feedback: Fans expressed greater satisfaction with the enriched information and interactive options that integrated with the MotoAmerica app and live broadcast;


Nicole Cox, VP of Operations of MotoAmerica, noted, "The new live-timing system significantly enhances our fans’ experience. We are thrilled with what it offers, and the positive feedback from our community has been overwhelming."


The partnership between MotoAmerica and Griiip demonstrates the significant potential of tailored SaaS solutions in enhancing fan engagement at live motorsports events. This case study exemplifies how innovative technology can be used to transform the spectator experience.

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