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SimSpeed Esports Network and Griiip Announce Partnership to Revolutionize Sim Racing Engagement


SimSpeed Esports Network, the longest-running sim broadcaster in Australia and proud broadcast partner for top sim racing series in Australia, New Zealand, and globally, has partnered with Griiip, a pioneer in motorsport data technology, to enhance the 2024 sim racing season. This collaboration will leverage Griiip's cutting-edge GriiipLive product to offer an unmatched fan engagement experience.

Griiip aims to make motorsport data exciting and accessible to the entire motorsport ecosystem, including real racing, sim racing, and sports drivers, using state-of-the-art data technologies. The GriiipLive product, a web-based second screen, provides real-time racing insights with advanced visualization, transforming the way fans and drivers interact with sim racing events.

GriiipLive in action during the iRacing INDY500 weekend

"We are excited to partner with Griiip to bring unparalleled engagement to our sim racing community," said Jay Kennedy, Managing Director of SimSpeed Esports Network. "We are receiving great feedback from our viewers and drivers. They love that they can now easily access real-time data insights and interactive features. We see that this enhances their overall experience."

Or Rom Nagy, Chief Commercial Officer of Griiip, added, "This partnership with SimSpeed Esports Network represents a significant step in our mission to innovate and enrich the motorsport experience. It demonstrates how our insights platform can serve the growing sim racing market in addition to real-world series. By integrating GriiipLive into sim racing broadcasts, we are providing fans and drivers with tools to get a better overview of the action and strategy elements of the races."

Together, SimSpeed Esports Network and Griiip are set to create a dynamic and immersive viewing experience for the 2024 sim racing season, setting new standards in fan engagement.


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